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Corrective Exercise

Improve your body… Improve your life! 

All fitness and nutrition programs start with an assessment followed by an initial small commitment, after which you can make a bigger commitment and SAVE money.

Is corrective exercise for me?

  • Do you live with back pain?
  • Do you live with knee pain?
  • Do you live with shoulder pain? 
  • Do you live with pain that keeps you from doing the things you love to do?

$50 billion is spent on treating lower back pain in the U.S. annually (1)

14% of people will experience neck pain or problems (2)

21% of people will experience should pain (3,4)

Musculoskeletal conditions cost $213 billion in direct and indirect expenses annually 1 in the U.S. alone (5)

In today’s world, we sit for long periods of time and are spend a majority of our day being less active.

This sedentary lifestyle causes…

Poor posture • Muscle imbalances • Daily pain and injuries

The majority of pain and injuries are…

Shoulders • Knees • Back

Corrective Exercise uses current technology and methods to help keep your body healthy. It can also help keep you from having surgery to fix chronic pains you deal with!

I will create a customized corrective exercise program designed for you and your body. Each one of my corrective exercise programs will teach you how to exercise while minimizing the risk of injury. Most importantly, they will teach you how you can help you alleviate daily chronic pains keeps you from doing the things you enjoy.

Don’t live with pain anymore.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Exercise and healthy diet are needed to achieve and maintain weight loss, maintenance, and muscle toning (and building). ALWAYS seek personal, specific, professional healthcare advice prior to starting a CFP fitness program to ensure the workout is suitable for you.

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