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Aim High…Fly…Fight…Win!

Back in February, a young 18 year old lady named Tamia reached out to me. Tamia had a few goals she wanted to reach in order to be eligible to get into the Air Force. For those that don’t know, The Air Force motto is, “Aim high…Fly…Fight…Win!” 

In a short amount of time, Tamia did just that. She aimed high by creating her goals. Her perseverance helped her fly as she fought diligently to reach her goals inside and outside the gym. Finally, this blog is about her winning! 

By mid May Tamia reached her goals and was ready to embark on her new endeavors. 

Some will say that’s the reason that she was able to reach her goals was because she was 18. Regardless of her age, I want everyone to know about all the hard work she put in to reach her goals. 

Furthermore, I’m hoping people her age will be able to relate to her story and be motivated to reach their goals. 

In 3 and half months, the changes Tamia made were amazing! 

Time Transformation

    • Total Weight Loss: 55 pounds!
    • 18% body fat!
    • 8 inches off her abs!
    • 7 inches off her hips!
    • 4 inches off her thigh!

Q & A with Tamia

Q: What goal did you have when you first started in Feb?

ANS: When I first started looking in to training in February, my goal was to first become physically fit to join into the military. My second goal was to lose near 100 pounds to reach my desired weight which would be around 180lbs. Moreover, my main goal was to get in shape to join the Air Force for the career I’m pursuing. 

Q: How did you do so well at staying on track being so young?

ANS: Honestly, first and foremost I put God first in my life and in this journey. I’ve always battled with obesity and being overweight and I was ready to overcome this stage in life where all odds were stacked against me. I had to ask myself, can I overcome this stage of my life or will I let this battle with obesity and being overweight conquer me for the rest of my life? With that I’ve prayed for discipline, endurance, strength and believed in God for my changes. Honestly, I kept my faith and I was able to receive strength to put in the work to reach my goals. I live by and apply my favorite scripture Philippians 4:13”I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me.” 

Q: Were you surprised about the amount of food you were able to eat and still make changes?

ANS: I was definitely surprised by the amount of food you decided for me to go by in my meal plan. I was thinking, “I don’t even eat 3 meals a day. I just eat 1 big meal and then eat snacks throughout the day”. However, I became determined to follow the plan because I’ve finally made up in my mind that it was time for this change and to walk into the purpose for my life. The amount of accountability from you through this process also helped make it a tad bit easier! 

Q: Were you only able to make these changes because you’re so young or did you make changes cause you put in the work?

ANS: At first I went in with that mindset, “I’m young. It’ll come off. “ But I had that mindset before I even started training. I was basically lying to myself by thinking that way since I was overweight and definitely out of shape even though I worked out often. It’s kind of funny to me now, but starting at the age of 10, I would go to the pediatrician for checkups and every time they took measurements, I was always considered obese. My family would always say to me, “Oh it’s baby fat, it’ll fall right off.” 

In junior high school, my mother let me play sports, but even while playing basketball, running  track, and powerlifting I was still overweight. 

So, I definitely don’t believe my weight loss journey is because of my age. My weight loss journey is due to faith, dedication, and mentally accepting and loving myself through this moment and appreciating myself for who I am. After I stopped lying to myself, overeating, and believing that if I just went out and ran for some, I would be skinny within the next week, I started to accept my truth. 

Q: Can you describe the work that you put inside and outside the gym?

ANS: For some time now, I’ve been waking up at 4am Monday through Friday. I make it to the gym by 5am, workout and do cardio and get to work by 9am. In addition to my early morning workouts, Thursdays and Saturdays I go to you [Travis] so you can beat up on me with my personalized fitness program. 

I’ve really enjoyed working with you [Travis] as you’re a really awesome trainer and accountability partner. I like your comical side! 

You’re the kind of trainer that’ll tell someone in middle of their reps that they’re not even close to catching a break yet. 

But, you still lets up some and thankfully give us a few seconds to recover until the end. You’re an amazing trainer and I feel like you’re the kind of trainer everyone needs in their fitness journey/lifestyle. 

Q: What tips could you give another person, young or young at heart, that would help them reach their goals like you?

ANS: The tips I share with anyone pursuing their fitness goals is to just do it. Go for it and love your journey because if you love what you do, you’ll really cherish and appreciate yourself more. You’ll also realize how much strength you have as individual. You have to and will be able to endure and overcome anything! 

Don’t keep lying to yourself, but be okay in accepting your truth and accepting what you see in front of you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside, but it matters the amount of heart and strength you carry on the inside to change what you see on the outside. 

I PROMISE you will definitely feel it before you see it. And no matter what your circumstances are, just keep going because you will make it. Most of all, do it for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks, it only matters how you feel or what you think because IT’S YOUR BODY! So you be the best dang version of yourself you can ever be.  And to all your haters, they can eat grass and kick rocks! 


Tamia made great changes through hard work despite the fact that she is only 18.  But I wanted to spotlight Tamia because she created a goal, worked hard, and achieved her goal! I was hoping that her story would motivate and encourage others to reach their goals. No matter what your age is, if you create a goal, work hard and follow your plan, you can and will also reach your goals like Tamia. 

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