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Total Weight Loss Changes

10 Week Transformation

  • Lost 15lbs
  • Lost 7% Body Fat
  • Lost 3.5 Inches off Abs
  • Lost 3.5 Inches off Hips
  • Lost 2 Inches of Thigh

Meet Gabby Mendoza

Despite the fact that people are busy and have many responsibilities, some still have nutrition and fitness goals they would like to reach. That totally describes Gabby!

Gabby came to me back in April wanting to reach specific fitness goals. She hadn’t been physically active in the past few years and had put on a little weight. I assured her that once we started her personal fitness and nutrition program, she would definitely be able to get back to the body she loved!

Gabby’s Weight Loss Journey

Reaching her goals wasn’t a walk in the park. Gabby is a busy bee running a busy hive. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she also takes great care of her husband and daughter.

Gabby has been a hair stylist for 20 years and has a huge clientele. In addition, if Gabby isn’t taking care of things at her salon, she’s taking care of things at home.

Despite her responsibilities, she decided to stop neglecting herself and make a change. She put forth all her efforts and followed her nutrition program, cardio program, and fitness program.  All of these combined is what helped her reach her goals!

You might be asking yourself, “How did she do it despite being pulled in so many directions?”  Well, here’s a short interview about Gabby’s weight loss journey. Maybe you can relate to her story and and be motivated to reach your goals!

My Weight Loss Interview With Gabby

Q: Prior to coming to me for your personal fitness and nutrition program, how did you feel about your body?

A: “I was very insecure, unhappy, embarrassed to even let my family see me. I would cover up and hide under loose clothing and hope no one would notice all the extra pounds I was carrying.” 

Q: Have you found it hard to work towards your goals despite working full time and taking care of a family?

A: “It wasn’t easy at first, but I knew I needed a lifestyle change. Not being a morning person, having to wake up much earlier to get my cardio in before work was probably the hardest. I have more time to get things done now and having the energy is a bonus! Meal prepping has made my life easier. I now cook 2-3 times a week so when I come home from work, dinner is ready. Even my picky eater eats what I make.”

Q: How has your husband and daughter been supportive of you and your goals?

A: “My husband goes to the gym with me every morning. There are days I don’t want to go and he holds me accountable, he will make sure I don’t miss more than two days in a row. My daughter being athletic is very competitive and likes to challenge me on some workouts.” 

Q: Now that you have reached your goals, how do you feel about your body and how confident are you?

A: “I am happy again (“I’m sexy and I know it” is playing in my head ) and I fit into clothes I never thought I could wear again. I went to the beach and for once in many years felt confident wearing a two piece bathing suit. It’s amazing how much the way we feel about ourselves can affect our mood as well.” 

Q: While making all the amazing changes, have you been able to eat anything on your personalized meal plan that you were really surprised that you could eat and make the changes you’ve made?

A: Yes! I am never hungry! I enjoy all my foods, and I can have carbs!

Gabby’s New Found Motivation

The type of motivation I got out of her interview were that she was always prepared, consistent, and determined to reach her goals. Plus her husband did a great job at being supportive, motivating, and a great accountability partner.

Do you have goals you want to achieve? Here are a few of Gabby’s motivational tips.

  1. Get your personal fitness and nutrition program
  2. Be prepared
  3. Be Consistent
  4. Be Determined
  5. Find yourself an accountability partner

Don’t neglect yourself despite life and everyday responsibilities!  You can also reach your goals like Gabby!

Questions About Weight Loss or Fitness?

I'd be happy to help you on your path towards reaching your fitness goals!