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Corrective exercise is a fitness technique used to improve muscle imbalances, help with better mobility and enhance overall quality of life. A corrective exercise specialist uses knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics to help to create a personalized fitness program that addresses any movement imbalances which could affect a client’s daily life.  

What Type of People Benefit From Corrective Exercise

There are many people who live a sedentary lifestyle which causes poor posture, muscle imbalances, injuries and daily pains. By analyzing a client’s functional movement and what could be impeding that movement, a corrective exercise program could assist with reducing stress on their body. In addition, the right program could help clients move effectively, recover more efficiently, and get them back to their daily routines.

Components of Corrective Exercise 

Corrective Exercise utilizes several components to enable the body to move better and recover quicker. Here are a few of those components:

  • Corrective Exercise Fitness Program
  • Foam Rolling and Static Stretching
  • Cryo Therapy
  • Air Compression
  • IV Therapy

As we read below, each component does have its benefits.

Benefits of Corrective Exercise Fitness Program

When it comes to a Corrective Exercise Fitness Program, once an assessment is done, a specific program can be created to help someone with better mobility and quicker recovery.  This will allow a client to be more capable of doing the things they love doing pain free. 

Foam Rolling and Static Stretching

Foam Rolling and Static Stretching are an important asset to better mobility.  These two assets can be integral to injury prevention.  They also help reduce muscle tension and soreness, as well as, increase flexibility and range of motion.

Benefits of Cryo-Therapy

Cryo-Therapy is another great asset to corrective exercise and recovery. It helps with athletic recovery, pain management, and general health and wellness. Many people use cryo-therapy to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, relieve pain from arthritis, and increase metabolic rate and calorie burn. These are just a few benefits but there are many more that make cryo-therapy an asset in a corrective exercise program.

Benefits of Air Compression Therapy

Air Compression Therapy is another great asset for recovery after an intense exercise session. Compressed air is used to massage and mobilize fluid, which will help with soreness, faster recovery, and a wider range of motion.  Not only will it help after athletic performance, but there are many health benefits as well.  Air compression therapy will also help with varicose veins as well as swelling associated with lymphedema. 

Benefits of IV Therapy

Last but not least is IV Therapy. One of the main benefits of Intravenous treatments is that nutrients are infused into the bloodstream which circumvents oral administration. Whether you need to cure a hangover, boost your immune system, increase your energy, or just help with symptoms or a menstrual cycle, there is a formula for you. There are even once to help endurance athletes recover after a long distance event.  This is definitely an asset to overall health and wellness.

Start Living Pain Free 

Effective movement is part of everyday life whether you work in an office or you are a professional athlete. With the proper corrective exercise and recovery program, you will be able to move better. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy a variety of new exercises and daily activities while also lessening the risk of injury. 


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