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I work with many natural bodybuilders and bikini competitors. At one point of my life I even competed nationally in Musclemania. Sometimes, clients who don’t compete often question their chances of being a competitor. They often wonder what the difference is between them and the competitors I train. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say that the biggest difference between your average gym goer and competitor is “consistency.”

Competitors are 100% Consistent

Arguably, the most important aspect to your fitness and nutrition program is consistency! The One difference between bodybuilder and bikini competitors and non-competitors are most if not all competitors are consistent with their fitness and nutrition program.

No matter what is going on in their lives, competitors are consistent 100% of the time! Which for many people, may be hard to do. But when you’re competing, you have to not only be physically fit, but also mentally prepared! Your mind has to be just as strong as the body. The two work together to achieve greatness. Without one, the other weakens, and becomes vulnerable to breaking the consistency to reach the fitness of a gladiator.

This means that no matter what happens, whether your fall ill, you’re out on a first date, or meeting up with friends at happy hour, you stay dedicated to achieving your goal. That means you still get your butt to the gym, you avoid eating out at pizzerias, and you turn down those famous margaritas.

Consistency Helps You Reach Your Goals

Being consistent inside and outside of the gym will help you reach your goals. In addition, consistency will also help you to maintain your changes! If you have a problem being consistent, you will have an issue staying organized. If this occurs, your body will have a hard time making changes; and it will be hard to form the healthy lifestyle you need to maintain your changes. 

Competitor Diets are Hard to Follow

This is absolutely untrue.

When someone sees me training a competitor, they always think that they’re on some crazy diet that’s hard to follow. They also think that a competitor’s fitness program is one that only a competitor could follow. 

Believe it or not, the hardest part of a competitors diet is being consistent. Once a competitor commits to a diet plan, they stick to it 100%.

Most people who workout have this tendency to slip off their diet. They have cheat days, (some more than others) hidden snacks around the house, or even give in to having a few drinks with friends. This is the one difference between competition dieting and just plan old dieting. Consistency is key.

Ways That Competitors Are Consistent

Here is a list of a few ways body building and bikini competitors are consistent.

Competitors Don’t Skip Gym Days!

When it comes to working out and cardio, it doesn’t matter if they had a hard or long day at work, regardless of if they don’t really feel like going to the gym, they go anyway. 

Reaching The Lowest Body Fat

The goal of competitors is to get all the bodyfat off they can before going on stage. This is why following their nutrition plan is vital. It doesn’t matter if they’re going out of town, having a great time with friends, or having a stressful day, they follow their meal plan to make sure their body continues to make the needed changes to do well on stage.

Daily Supplements

Many competitors take supplements to help with their body fat changes.  To make sure they continue with the changes their body is making, they don’t forget to take their supplements. 

Being Organized

Competitors have to be organized and prepared.  If they aren’t prepared, it will be hard to stay on track as they prepare to be on stage.

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How To Stay Consistent

Whether you’re a competitor or not, if you want to make consistent changes, you have to be consistent with your fitness and nutrition program. 

So how can you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition program? Here are a few ways.

  • Always have your food prepared so that you can follow your meal plan to the T
  • Prior to going to workout, be organized and know what you are going to work on before you get to the gym
  • Make sure to get your cardio done and don’t skip as your cardio is very important to your changes
  • If you are taking supplements, make sure and don’t forget to take them


Some think they can cheat occasionally and still see the changes they want to see. You might be able to make some changes, but you will be able to make better consistent changes by not deviating from your plan until you reach your goal.

You don’t have to be a competitor to stay consistent and make changes. Just make sure you don’t think that a competitor’s body is unattainable. 

If you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition program, you won’t have to question if you could make changes like a competitor. You will make the changes you want and people will wonder how they can make changes and be consistent like you! 

Above all, you will motivate others with your consistency!


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